New circus is a poetic, forceful and humorous art form focused on unique expressions of the body. In Denmark this art form has renewed the Danish performance scene, partly in the form of traditional performances and partly through its own, original productions.
For more information, read the English version of the summary published in 2008 which presents an overview of the history of new circus in Denmark since 1991. This publication describes artists, performances and initiatives within new circus in Denmark during the past 20 years. The history of the new danish circus.rtf
Circus performers and companies
See the overview of Danish circus performers and companies and find contact information in the “circus performers” database here index.phtml?con_id=2
Network consolidates new circus in Denmark
New circus is a fascinating art form which continues to play an increasingly important role within Danish cultural life. Both the industry and the artistic environment surrounding new circus points towards a large and unexploited potential and both a consolidation and recognition of new circus as an art form is being worked on.
Professional circus performers
”Our goal is to professionalise new circus and fight for its recognition as an art form. We aim to create networks, both nationally and internationally”, Lena Brostrøm Dideriksen, chairman, The Danish Circus Performers’ Union.
Never really accepted, merely tolerated
”Physical theatre, street theatre etc. has never really been formally accepted, merely tolerated. This is surprising since “street arts” in England is an accepted art form on a par with performance theatre and has received massive investments from both government and local authorities since the year 2000. Likewise in France ‘nouveau cirque’ has been an accepted genre/art form on the same level as dance, theatre and performance since 1982.” Trevor Davies, Artistic leader of Copenhagen International Theatre.
Danish circus performers are accepted enthusiastically
“We have Danish circus performers who have won awards and who have plenty of work opportunities abroad. There is an obvious potential here and Danish circus performers are accepted enthusiastically because they have an ability to develop ideas, to adjust and create artistic possibilities. So there is a need for a higher education of circus performers in Denmark”, AnneSophie Bergman Steen, Head of AFUK’s circus performance education.
Educations in Denmark
AFUK - The Academy of Untamed creativity
Enghavevej 82B - 2450 Copenhagen SV - Tel +45 3254 2095 
Gøglerskolen - Street Performers School www.goglerskolen.dk
Klosterport 4 - DK 8000 Aarhus C  - Tel. +45 8619 5699
Performers House - www.performershouse.dk
Papirfabrikken 76 - 8600 Silkeborg - Tlf.: 86 800 820 
International educations  
The European Federation of Professional Circus Schools presents its "Directory of Circus Training Organisations" at the website www.fedec.net, under 'current projects'